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Charity School

At present class one to five and 90 Students in our Mourong Charity School.  But there are endless poor and marginalized children who don’t have even the basic necessities of life. These destitute children can be found helplessly in station. Roadways, slums areas, etc. Life has not been fair to them. They are without their beloved and caring parents.  These children are vulnerable to both natural and manmade hazards. They are victims of mal nourishment, illness, mental disorder etc. On the human side they are also very much exposed to serious problems such as ill treatment form the society, devoid of any human care and love, attachment, they are the most ignored section of the society and sometime also victims of very heinous form of crime such as human trafficking and sexual abuse.

Sometimes the magnitude of these problems is so intense that the child eventually turn victim of some serious mental disorder. All these kinds of vulnerabilities nullify the innocence which these innocent children have.  As a result they became difficult to get accepted by the society and in return they too don’t want to get adjusted in this so called society which is cruel to them. It is for those poor children Mourong Charity School was established.



Mourong School
Mourong School

We are planning to bring up poor slum children, not to custom them to habits of luxury and indulgence, but to render them hardy, patient, self-denying lifestyle, ought to be improve to the physical, mental and spiritual parts of the children. We stand for educating them so that they turn out to be responsible member of the society and lead a life of self confidence and respect.

Mourong Foundation works at rehabilitant this marginalized sufferer of the fate. We work to make these children life less burdened and to train them both formally and informally so that they get better adjust to the mainstream society. We strive to make these children life honorable and easy for themselves and for the society at large.

Our rehabilitation organization train them to life skills so that they turn out to be the asset for the society and themselves get easily accustomed to the mainstream culture of the society.

We Mourong are a foundation who is running charity school for the haves not children of the society. Currently we are having the school up to class five. We plan to add one more new class with every passing year. Mourong help in raising these children by focusing on the basicand extended needs of them. We cater them with the necessities of life such as food, education and other life trainings skills.

We work to arouse awareness among targeted children to realize their own potential and we work towards growing those potential. We endeavor to overcome the trauma which these poor children faced while they were without care.

We work diligently to make their life more beautiful in all aspects. These children find bit difficult to cope with the mainstream society due to their disturbed mind. We try to create congenial and friendly environment which help these children to do basic things like reading, writing ,painting etc. We give them informal environment so that they can learn in a more frank and natural way. This method has helped a lot to make the children learn and adjust in the mainstream culture.